08/02/2017 08:52 GMT | Updated 08/02/2017 08:53 GMT

Donald Trump ‘Unreported Terror Attack’ List Mocked By The Daily Show's Trevor Noah

'Let’s start with the terror attacks he’s ignored.'

Donald Trump’s hypocrisy in publishing an incomplete list of “unreported” terror attacks has been mocked by comedian Trevor Noah.

The Daily Show star highlights that the US President’s list attacking the media ignores terror offences committed by white people.

It comes after Trump’s administration released the details of 78 incidents Trump claims the “dishonest media” did not cover.

The lists contains incidents such as the 2015 Paris attacks, the Orlando nightclub shooting and the downing of a Russian airliner in the Sinai Peninsula in 2015, all of which were extensively covered internationally.

But many have been quick to point out the lack of terror attacks carried out by white people on the list.

Noah said on Tuesday: “If Trump wants to talk about ignoring terror attacks, let’s start with the terror attacks he’s ignored.

“Because what stands out about this list is that... there were no white people on it. 

“There’s no Dylann Roof, no Planned Parenthood shooter, no Pennsylvania police barrack attack shooter and it’s not like the Trump people didn’t see these attacks, they just don’t like to talk about them.”

Noah points out that White House press secretary Sean Spicer swiftly issued a comment on the Quebec terror attack when it was believed a Muslim man was the shooter, but stayed silent when it was later revealed the suspect was a white supremacist.

Noah added: “Here we are again people, once again learning that when a Muslim person commits terror, it’s part of a deadly conspiracy but when white extremists commit acts of terror over and over again, well that’s merely a continuing series of isolated events.”