Ed Balls Day: 5 Signs We've Lost Sight Of The True Meaning Of The Day

It's easy to forget the spirit of it all.

It's 28 April, which only means one thing - Ed Balls Day is here once again. The one day we set aside to remember one of the most important moments in Britain's history - when Ed Balls tweeted his own name.

But five years on from that fateful day, we seem to have lost sight of what Ed Balls really means to all of us, and the joyous message the day is all about.

For one thing, it's all about the presents nowadays.

It's all been too over-commercialised.

For many, the magic is gone.

Companies and activists are even waging war on Ed Balls Day.

And some blasphemers are even stooping as low as taking Ed Balls' name in vain.

At least some people still know the true meaning of Ed Balls Day.