Elf On The Shelf Ideas 2018: 7 Ways To Give Your Elf A Good Send-Off On Christmas Eve

See ya later, elfie.

Christmas Eve is the day your elf waves goodbye to your kids – he flies back to the north pole to let Santa know how well (!) your children have been behaving.

Seeing as you’ve put in the effort for a whole month, you might as well give him a good send-off.

1. Use Snow Spray

Place your elf on a glass door or window, then spray around him. Write a goodbye note in the snow. Downside: more to clean up afterwards.

2. Leave Reindeer Food

Reindeer food is simply some porridge oats in a clear bag – it’s often sprinkled outside people’s houses for the reindeer to eat when they visit.

3. Put Him In Boots

Shoes on and off he goes.

4. Get ‘Toy Story’ Involved

Or, use any other characters who will rescue and steal your elf, then send him back to the north pole.

5. Write A Poem

Or just steal this one.

6. Or Just Write It On A Toilet Roll

Easy when you’ve always got an empty one left on the loo roll holder (or is that just us?)

7. A Simple ‘Bye’ Will Do

Spell it in Smarties, sweets, carrots – whatever you like.