Elf On The Shelf Ideas 2018: The Best Of Week 2

These were the winners for us.

In a bid to make this Elf on the Shelf malarkey easier, we’ve been sharing loads of ideas to save you racking your brains come 11pm when you just want to go to bed.

This week, we’ve seen the elf who helped himself to a hot chocolate with his reindeer, the one who hung off a prickly cactus, and the elf who made a snow angel out of Rice Krispies.

Oh, and a personal favourite – the to-do list elf who stuck notes all over the sofa. We know how you feel, elfie.

1. Tied-Up Elf

Slightly fiddly, but perfect if you love cracking out the Lego once your kids have gone to bed. (Just us?)

2. To-Do List Elf

Yep, that’s about 100 sticky notes all over the sofa for the elf to remember everything he has to do this month.

3. Cactus Elf

We thought it might be a bit prickly too, but this elf seems to enjoy it.

4. Washing Machine Elf

Strap your kids’ toys in the washing machine for a ride – although maybe tell your children they rode through the night to avoid having your two-year-old nag you about turning the washing machine on with them in it.

5. Baking Elf

If you planned on baking anyway, pretend the elves have got things prepped through the night ready to get going in the morning.

6. Angel Elf

This does require you to pour a load of Rice Krispies on the counter to create a snow angel, but it’s worth it for the look on your kids’ faces.

7. Hot Chocolate Elf

Elves love hot chocolate – squeeze a little whipped cream in your espresso mugs to complete the effect.

8. Spa Elf

Looks dreamy, doesn’t it?