20 Of The Funniest Elf Creations Parents Are Using In 2017

And they don't even take that much effort to pull off 🙌

Another year, another month of racking your brains for ideas on where the elf should go next.

And it seems this year, parents are finding the perfect balance of funny creations that don’t take too much effort to pull off.

We’ve had a look at parents ideas in 2017, and here are 20 of our favourites.

1. Egg Elf

2. Peekaboo Elf

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3. Hungry Elf

4. Tangled Elf

5. Sleepover Elf

6. Star Elf

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7. Cheeky Elf

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8. Twister Elf

9. Boozy Elf

10. Storytime Elf

11. Jenga Elf

12. Messy Elf

13. Fishing Elf

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14. Zookeeper Elf

15. Bubble Bath Elf

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16. Caffeine Elf

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17. Bowling Elf

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18. Zip Wire Elf

19. Glam Elf

20. Smelly Elf

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