Elf On The Shelf Ideas 2018: The Best Of Week 3

Toy collecting elf – genius idea 🙌
Regan Giangrande

Well done guys – you’re nearly three weeks in and there’s just over a week to go. This week, an elf trying to floss and a toy-collecting elf have to be our favourites, among many other commendable efforts.

If you’re fed up with trying hard, check out these last-minute Elf on the Shelf ideas. Or, have a giggle at these elf fails shared by parents – it’s not always easy, is it?

1. Floss Elf

That is definitely not how you do the floss, elf, but we love you for trying.

2. Banana Elf

A classic easy one, but we had to include it for all you tired parents who just really cannot be bothered.

3. Vanity Elf

We don’t expect you to go buying mini mirrors to complete this creation, so just sit your elf in front of a mirror with all your his favourite makeup.

4. Jenga Elf

As the creator themselves said: “This took bloody ages!”

5. DJ Elf

If you don’t have headphones, stick some earphones to your elf’s ear using sellotape and put a keyboard in front of him.

6. Toy-Collecting Elf

What a fab idea! Use your elf to help get rid of some old toys to charity – and to make way for the new ones they’ll be unwrapping next week.

7. Taco Elf

Warning: this might not please the little ones, who may think their elves will get eaten.

8. Greedy Elf

If you’re munching on all the biscuits late at night, just blame the elf.

9. Zip Line Elf

Not going to lie, we wish we could zip line our way through the living room, lucky elf.

10. Boozy Elf