9 Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Help You Through The Final Week

This month has felt like a year, but keep your elf energised till Christmas Eve.
Elf on the Shelf
Elf on the Shelf / HuffPost
Elf on the Shelf

Everything feels up in the air at the now, including, quite possibly, your elf on the shelf, who is likely perched on top of your Christmas tree right about now.

With days to go till Christmas Eve, parents may be stretched to think of new ways to help their elf hop about the house, doing his Christmas deeds, but panic not, as we’ve scoured Instagram for some ideas to see him through.

Oh, and if you’re in need of inspiration for your Christmas Eve box, we’ve got that too.

Almost there, everyone.

1. Climber elf

2. Elf in the snow

3. Elf at the golf

4. Painterly elf

6. Burrito elf

7. Elf caught short

8. Elves gone rogue

9. Elf in the money