EU Referendum: The Best 'Suggest A Job For Farage' Ideas

'Saving you money on your car insurance.'

Thousands of people have put forward their suggestions for Nigel Farage's potential career prospects, from Alan Partridge to a Jesus impersonator.

It comes as the Ukip leader conceded defeat, telling Sky News that Remain had won the EU referendum almost immediately after the polls closed at 10pm on Thursday

Within minutes of the polls closing on Thursday, #SuggestAJobForFarage began to trend on Twitter.

Here are some of the best suggestions:

1. Alan Partridge

2. A Jesus impersonator

3. Mime artist

4. A tree

5. Aleksandr Orlov (a meerkat)

According to a YouGov poll released at 10pm tonight, the UK is set to remain in the EU.

The poll showed that 52% of those asked backed the UK staying in the EU.

Farage believes the Government’s extension to voter registration swung the referendum to Remain.

Speaking to the HuffPost UK, the Ukip leader predicted Remain would win – in line with a YouGov on-the-day poll released at just after 10pm.

Farage, who has been campaigning for the UK to leave the EU for more than 20 years, said he hoped he was wrong but the “Government machine” helped deliver a Remain victory.

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