Finished The Gentlemen? You Need To Visit Guy Ritchie's Cosy London Pub Loved By The Beckhams

The London boozer counts the Beckham family among fans.
We'd love a pint here.
We'd love a pint here.
Guy Ritchie Pubs

Fans are still loving Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen on Netflix, as the new series continues to ride high on Netflix UK’s TV charts.

The eight-part series starring Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, Daniel Ings, Vinnie Jones, Joely Richardson and more has viewers appreciating the British director’s signature style once again.

Along with his rapid editing, tight dialogue and tough as nails characters, the Snatch director is also known for selecting excellent filming locations for his gritty criminal underworlds – including a classic boozer.

As it turns out, the director has his own London pub in Fitzrovia which counts the Beckham family among its fans.

The Lore of the Land is a classic British pub on Conway Street which offers a range of spirits, cocktails, and even wines selected by Guy himself.

The bar also serves up pints of Guy’s very own ‘Gritchie Brewing Company’ ales, beers and ciders, which even makes a cameo in his 2019 feature film The Gentlemen, which is set in the same universe as the new series.

Along with a daily dining menu, they also cook up a mean Sunday roast.

The pub, which is spread across three floors, is reportedly located nearby a townhouse Guy owns with his wife, Jacqui. He’s also said to regularly visit with his son Rocco, who he shares with ex wife Madonna.

In the meantime before your visit to the director’s watering hole, if you think you recognise the cast of The Gentlemen, you can check out where you might have seen them before here.


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