Fox News Labels Nigel Farage 'Leader Of The Opposition'

That's one hell of a promotion.

Not only was Nigel Farage the first British politician to meet President-Elect Donald Trump, according to Fox News he’s also been given a cross-party promotion.

That’s right, the former/current/interim Ukip leader has supplanted Jeremy Corbyn.

The more-than-slight exaggeration occurred in an interview on Fox News on Saturday in which Farage was told he “created a world-wide revolution”.

He replied: “Yes, well Brexit was the first brick out of the wall, it was the first kickback against the establishment.”

Farage was quick to advertise his meeting with Trump on Saturday, posing together for a photo in a gold elevator in Trump Tower.

Clearly irked, Farage responded that perhaps his relationship with Trump could be put to good use.

He told the BBC: “The problem is that No 10 keep on putting out press statements saying that I’m irrelevant. I would have thought that in the national interest I might just be able to broker a coming together of these parties that don’t know each other at all.”

Farage has also prompted outrage for the fact he was not wearing a poppy on when meeting Trump.

Welsh Labour leader and First Minister Carwyn Jones, said: “I was proud to stand at the Welsh national memorial on Sunday to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. This weekend when people from every walk of life joined to commemorate our war dead in services around the country, there was one conspicuous absence. Nigel Farage.

“I will never insist that anyone must wear a poppy, or attend remembrance events. This is a free country, and people choose to remember in different ways. But, hypocrisy is something else altogether. You don’t get to appropriate the Battle of Britain in your campaign literature, only to prioritise transatlantic photo-ops a few months later.

“Mr Farage likes to play by a different set of rules, this much is true. But in what universe do we let go, without comment or censure, the pictures of this grinning poppy-less popinjay in a gold lift with Donald Trump?”