27/03/2017 08:55 BST | Updated 28/03/2017 07:43 BST

Fox News Tweets Donald Trump Worked From The White House But He Didn't

Working on that handicap again.

Fox News has been ridiculed after deciding a world leader doing his job in his place of work is worthy of its own “alert”. 

Not only was the tweet deemed unnecessary, it also wasn’t true.

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Donald Trump had in fact spent much of the weekend at his Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, the 13th such trip in his nine-week presidency.

According to pool reports, Trump was at the Virginia golf club on Saturday for meetings and then travelled there again on Sunday for about an hour.

Many were quick to pounce on Fox News with some even accusing the network of “propaganda”and “fake news”.

Whilst everyone is entitled a couple of days off at the weekend being President of the United States isn’t exactly your standard 9-5 - North Korea doesn’t wait until Monday morning to test its ballistic missiles.

The Trump administration has been notoriously cagey about the President’s golfing habits with some trips only becoming public knowledge from social media posts.

The now-regular excursions do not sit well with the regular criticism Trump fired at President Obama for playing the sport.

White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, has previously defended his boss, saying: “On a couple of occasions he’s actually conducted meetings there, he’s actually had phone calls, so just because he heads there doesn’t mean that that’s what’s happening.”