10/11/2017 10:22 GMT

Frankie Bridge Reveals She's 'Emotionally Drained' As Son Parker Has Been 'Really Poorly' With Croup

Do you know what croup is?

Frankie Bridge explained she missed out on the ITV Gala 2017 to stay at home with her poorly son, who has recently had croup.

The Saturdays singer shared a selfie of herself and her four-year-old son Parker on Instagram on Thursday 9 November.

“The face of a proud emotionally-drained mum whose child has been really poorly and scared her half to death and a child who is the prime example of how well and quickly they bounce back,” she wrote in the caption.

Bridge continued: “This little man is so full of love and this surprise hug felt more amazing than he will ever know... not sure who was looking after who.”

“No ITV Gala for this mumma tonight. All home now so cuddles and Christmas movies are the order of the day. Croup is not our friend.”

Croup, also referred to as a “barking cough”, is caused by a virus that affects the windpipe, the airways to the lungs and the voice box (larynx).

According to the NHS, the virus usually affects young children aged between six months and three years, with most cases occurring in one-year-olds. 

However, it can sometimes develop in babies as young as three months, and older children up to 15 years of age. 

The condition tends to affect more boys than girls, and is more common during the late autumn and early winter months. 

Parents whose children have had croup shared their experiences with the celebrity mum.

“Croup is so horrendous, my little man went to hospital with it and I was terrified, so glad you’re all okay,” one mum wrote.

Another commented: “My little girl had croup, went to bed completely fine then woke up to her not being able to breathe, it was horrendous. She had steroids to help her. I always remember that night and pray that I never have to go through it again. So glad he is okay.”

Bridge is also mum to two-year-old Carter with her husband Wayne Bridge.

For more information on the symptoms of croup and how it is treated, read our guide here

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