17/06/2021 11:36 BST

The Friends Cast Come Clean About Stealing From Set And Breaking Character In Emotional Interview

The cast spilled some extra behind-the-scenes tea (or should that be coffee?) as they caught up with James Corden in Central Perk.

As well as hosting portions of the recent Friends reunion, James Corden spent some time with the cast on set filming scenes for his US talk show.

On Wednesday night, the results of this finally aired on The Late, Late Show, with James chatting to the stars about how it felt to be back on the set of Friends after almost 20 years.

The 10-minute sequence – which included an abridged version of Carpool Karaoke – saw James quizzing the six central actors about what really went on behind the scenes while sitting in Central Perk.

James began by asking which of the six “broke character and laughed the most whilst filming”, with the group unanimously choosing Lisa Kudrow.

The cast of Friends with James Corden

“I’m the worst,” she conceded. “I have no training and no discipline.”

“But she’s also got the best laugh ever,” David Schwimmer insisted.

She wasn’t the only one cracking up on set, though, with Matt LeBlanc responding: “I think that has to be a toss-up between Lisa and Jennifer [Aniston].”

Responding to an incredulous Jen, Matt continued: “Whenever you watch Friends, if Rachel [covers her mouth] a lot, that’s Jennifer hiding her laugh.”

Matt LeBlanc shows off his impression of Jennifer Aniston

After agreeing that David Schwimmer is the best dancer, and Matt LeBlanc “will always watch an old episode of Friends” if he comes across one on TV, Jen then came clean about being “the Friend who stole the most wardrobe from set”.

“I still wear it!” she admitted. “I would go into Monica’s rack… and take all the dresses.”

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox

At the end of the game, a tearful James told the cast: “Thank you so much for letting me come and be a part of this incredibly moving thing for all of you. I’ll never ever forget being in this room and being with you, this has been absolutely brilliant.”

The Friends reunion special debuted last month, following a number of setbacks due to the pandemic.

During the special, the cast reminisced about some of their favourite memories from making Friends, and were joined by former co-stars like James Michael Tyler, Maggie Wheeler, Christina Pickles and Elliot Gould.

There were also appearances from A-list Friends fans including Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, David Beckham, BTS and Malala Yousafzai.

Friends: The Reunion is still available to stream on NOW.

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