GB News Pranked Again As Comedian Flashes His Bum During Live Video Call With Laurence Fox


Don’t tell presenter Simon McCoy but GB News has been pranked yet again, just days after the channel launched.

On Wednesday, the former BBC News anchor spoke out live on air about the jokers who had been using some of the the oldest tricks in the book and calling into various shows using fake names (like “Mike Hunt” and “Mike Oxlong”), telling them to “grow up”.

But that night, comedian Adam Pacitti upped the ante when he discreetly flashed his bum during a video call-in with Laurence Fox on Dan Wootton’s show.

GB News
GB News
GB News

The comedian appeared via video-link under the guise of asking a question about people being offended by jokes.

Adam could then be seen moving the camera slightly to reveal his posterior reflected in a mirror behind him.

And just like the other prank callers, neither the host or his guest clicked on...

Adam began: “Hello. I am a great fan of your work and also a great fan of comedy. I am a man that loves to laugh. I am of the belief that either one can joke about everything or nothing at all because somebody will always be offended by a joke.”

He then asked: “What are your thoughts on that?”

While Adam briefly flashed his naked bottom, Laurence went on to answer the question, completely oblivious to what had just happened.

Unlike Twitter...

Adam later declared the stunt was “a solid night’s work”.

It’s been a shaky start for GB News. Dodgy lighting and sound plagued Sunday’s launch, and on Wednesday several big brands like Ikea started pulling their ads from the channel.

It’s also been revealed the station has sparked a flood of Ofcom complaints, with hundreds contacting the media regulator over comments made on Dan Wootton’s show.


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