Inside GB News’ Ridiculously Chaotic First Week

It was certainly a memorable start for the UK's newest channel.

In the absence of a marketing budget, there was plenty of pre-launch hype and fanfare ahead of the debut of GB News in June.

Proudly “anti-woke”, the channel’s detractors labelled it Fox News UK before it had even started broadcasting, but just hours into its launch, Twitter had renamed it #GBeebies, thanks to a series of on-air gaffes.

Things didn’t improve much as the week progressed, thanks to a mortifying amount of technical hiccups – from weird lighting and poor sound to dodgy camera work and countless awkward silences.

Such was the dizzying array of daily f-ups that the newly-launched @GBNewsFails Twitter account struggled to keep up, amassing over 60,000 followers in under a week.

Here’s how the channel’s chaotic first week played out...

The GB News team.
The GB News team.


The channel’s boss, Andrew Neil, set out the network’s stall from the off, vowing to “expose the growing promotion of cancel culture” and give a voice “to those who feel sidelined or silenced” in the channel’s first programme.

Alas, it was the presenters who were almost silenced, with audio issues from the off

And it wasn’t just the sound. Why the hell was everything so dark?

And as for those shiny new sets...

Despite the hiccups, Team GB News were happy...

And you can’t argue with those ratings...


Former Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry’s big moment came on Monday, when she kicked off her regular segment, Dewbs & Co.

Some viewers were distracted by her choice of outfit...

And her bants...

Monday also saw former BBC news anchor Simon McCoy make his presenting debut alongside his co-host, former Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips, on their daily afternoon show.

One word: chemistry

And what was it with all of the seriously awkward silences?


After 48 hours of teething troubles, maybe things would be a little less wobbly?

Maybe not.

Let’s see how Simon and Alex are getting on...

At least everyone’s happy in the back office...

Tuesday also saw the channel well and truly played by some mischievous viewers who managed to trick two of its presenters with the oldest prank in the book.

Say hello to “Mike Hunt” and “Mike Oxlong”

At least things were going well for Dan Wootton...


Three days in and surely things have settled down by now?

Not quite.

By Wednesday, a number of big-name brands had pulled their advertising from the channel. Furniture giants Ikea, energy provider Octopus and the cider brand Kopparberg were among those to withdraw, which did not go down well with channel boss Andrew Neil...

On a brighter note, a brand new presenter called Drill made their debut...

And remember those prank callers? Well Simon McCoy was having none of their silly nonsense...

And it was only a matter of time until the inevitable Ofcom complaints started rolling in

The media regulator received almost 400 complaints after Dan Wootton’s lengthy anti-lockdown speech, comparing restrictions to “an ultra-cautious biosecurity state, copying the likes of China.”

Dan Wootton on GB News
Dan Wootton on GB News
GB News


You know what GB News is missing? Flesh. Naked flesh.


Comedian Adam Pacitti flashed his bum during a video call-in with Laurence Fox on Dan Wootton’s show. Not that either of them noticed.

Look, we know it’s been a pretty rough week, but did presenter Gloria De Piero just flip the double bird?

No viewers, she did not. She was crossing her fingers. Bet she wasn’t the only one.

Even the on-screen banners were having a bad day

GB News bosses might want to revisit their policy about using mobile phones at work...



Someone’s already clocked out by the looks of it...

We’ll leave the last word to Simon McCoy...

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