17/03/2017 13:33 GMT | Updated 17/03/2017 17:33 GMT

9 Embarrassing Stories About George Osborne The Evening Standard Wouldn't Publish Now He's The Editor

He'll wipe them just like he tried to wipe the deficit.

George Osborne managed to prove he’s still capable of sparking major political earthquakes, by announcing on Friday he would become the editor of London’s Evening Standard newspaper.

The title has a circulation of more than 850,000 copies a day - and the decision for the former Chancellor of the Exchequer to turn his hand to journalism prompted debate around the Standard’s previous editorial choices. 

The paper supported the Tories in the 2015 UK general election, and Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith in the London mayoral race last year, but it has not always been kind to Osborne.

Here are nine stories the Standard has run about the Tatton MP that it probably wouldn’t re-publish now:

1. Why not start with... yesterday?

So out of the loop about his appointment were staff at the newspaper, that a nib ran in Thursday’s edition that is somewhat awkward in light of today’s events. 

It covered his reaction to the resignation of Charlotte Hogg, a deputy governor of the Bank of England who quit after failing to declare that her brother holds a senior position at Barclays.

The Standard wrote scathingly in its story yesterday: 

“Clearly he [Osborne] feels that conflicts of interest and incompetence are no resignation matter for public officials.”


2. This story he might want to wipe from the archives

3. This front page

The Standard went with this splash after the 2013 Spring Budget.

It said Osborne had unveiled “dire economic numbers and ordered an extra year of austerity” at his biannual budget speech. 

4. This dig into his family

5. An embarrassing account of his maths skills

6. This story slamming his £1.3m salary

It featured a quote from Lord Owen, who said of the news Osborne would receive £650,000 a year for one days work a week at Blackrock: “Osborne is very clever.

“He’s also current, and is using the opportunity to profit before the window closes.

“But I don’t believe an MP should be profiting from public service or using his ministerial position to get work. It seems wrong: if politicians are asked to speak they should do it for free.”

7. A cringe-inducing video of him playing ‘catch’ with kids

Osborne watched on hopeful as the other children played catch with a bright pink ball, but decided not to throw it to him. 

The photo-op did give us this incredible photo, though.

WPA Pool via Getty Images
Osborne during a game of catch he was excluded from 

8. This damning listicle

9. A poll that wasn’t very favourable to him

Osborne has already appeared in the Standard’s newsroom, telling members of staff on Friday: “Growing up as a Londoner, I’ve always known that the Evening Standard is an institution that plays a huge part in the life of the city and its people.

“Now it is a great honour that I can play a part as leader of the editorial team making the Evening Standard the definitive voice of the world’s most exciting city.”

The shock move has prompted many social media users to predict other unexpected appointments, such as ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband as Heat magazine editor, and Andrea Leadsom to head Vogue.