Gordon Ramsay Criticised For How He Carried 3-Month-Old Son – Here's How To Do It Safely

Have you heard of the 'TICKS' rule?

Gordon Ramsay gave us a snippet into his life as a dad by sharing a photo of himself carrying three-month-old Oscar – but some parents had their concerns.

Ramsay was holding his son facing outwards in a baby carrier, and mums and dads were quick to mention he wasn’t in the safest position.

The comments have now been deleted on the photo, but one person wrote, according to Heart: “He’s so scrumptious! However, please take a look at TICKS rules for baby wearing, to keep you and Oscar safe.”

Another commented: “The straps need to be tightened to where he could easily kiss the top of the baby’s head without leaning down.”

So how should we be holding our babies?

There is a checklist system for children in baby carriers, known as the TICKS system. It was originally formed by the Consortium of UK Sling Manufacturers and Retailers, and is now a universal safety acronym endorsed by the Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents.

It stands for:

Tight: Hold baby close

In view at all times

Close enough to kiss

Keep the chin off chest – ensure at least a finger width under the baby’s chin.

Supported back.

RoSPA also advises: ”[We] advocate products that keep babies upright and allow parents to see their baby and to ensure that the face isn’t restricted.

“A carrier that keeps the newborn baby solidly against the parent’s body, in an upright position, is the safest method. Parents should ensure that they keep their baby’s chin off their chest, keeping the airways clear for breathing.”

If following these rules, Oscar would be a lot higher up on Ramsay’s chest.

The chef isn’t the first celebrity to be shamed for how they are carrying their baby. Ryan Reynolds came under fire in 2015 for a different reason, as his daughters legs were “hanging down” – and Sam Faiers in 2016.

At the time, Rosemary Dodd, senior policy adviser at The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) told HuffPost UK about Reynolds’ picture: “It’s recommended that babies are carried with their legs in the “M” position. This is where they have their bottom down and their knees up.

“Carrying a baby close to you is a good idea when they are small because they settle more easily, so we would praise him for that. But the concern is that it is just more comfortable and better for the baby to use the ‘M’ position.”