Dads Are Proving Piers Morgan Wrong On Papooses And Parenthood With These Amazing Baby Pics

"Secure, strong fathers actually bond to their children and don’t succumb to ancient gender roles."

Dads have rightly hit back at Piers Morgan for implying Daniel Craig was “emasculated” for carrying his daughter Ella close to him.

The TV personality, 52, stirred up a Twitter storm when he posted a photo of Craig and wrote: “Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond.”

As expected, men jumped to their own defence and proved that Morgan’s views on parenthood were, in fact, ludicrous.

“When my son was born, I intentionally removed my shirt and laid down with him, cradling him against my skin,” one dad tweeted. “It was one of the best and most magical moments of my life. Secure, strong fathers actually bond to their children and don’t succumb to ancient gender roles.”

In response to Morgan’s original tweet, dads replied with photos of themselves proudly carrying their kids on their front, back, and in their arms.

Because as actor Samuel West put it: “Those of us lucky enough to have children may want to share the job of carrying them – especially after our partners have done so for nine months.”

And also, who said it wasn’t manly?

Even men without kids disagreed with the comments and wanted to get involved...

And others maximised the opportunities for “Bond” puns.

Summing up the reaction, Jon Nevill, who runs This Dad Can, told HuffPost UK: “The irony is that Piers’ comments are the most emasculating factor here. Piers’ appetite to prescribe, deprive, and make men less effective at parenting ultimately demonstrates how isolated and out of touch he is with modern parenting.

“Fortunately, his elementary views are outdated and do not reflect the proactive dads in the UK today”.