03/06/2017 17:30 BST

Iain Duncan Smith Has A Rather Unfortunate Slip Of The Tongue On BBC Breakfast

And it didn't go unnoticed...

Iain Duncan Smith suffered a rather unfortunate slip of the tongue while speaking on BBC Breakfast on Saturday morning.

The former work and pensions secretary was asked by Naga Munchetty about the confusion over tax pledges in the Tory manifesto.

She said: “Theresa May has dropped the triple tax lock.

“Why would you take it out only to come back in and say there would be no tax rises? This is very confusing.”

IDS responded: “What we are trying to get away with in the manifesto - get away from, rather - is the idea that you set out every single thing in detail, saying ‘we won’t do this, we won’t do that’.”

The slip did not go unnoticed...

It came as Theresa May refused to rule out a rise in income tax, following comments made by some of her senior ministers.

When asked about pledges made by Sir Michael Fallon and Boris Johnson while in Dewsbury on Saturday the prime minister simply insisted that the Tories were the “low tax party”.

She added: “Our position on tax has not changed. We have set it out in the manifesto.”