29/03/2017 12:29 BST

Jeremy Corbyn Suffers Worst Ever Polling On Which Leader Would Make A Better Prime Minister

How will he recover?

Jack Taylor via Getty Images
Labour 2015 voters now think Theresa May would be a better Prime Minister than Jeremy Corby

Jeremy Corbyn has had his statesmanship credentials dashed by a disastrous new poll. 

The Labour leader faced his lowest rating yet when the public were questioned on who would make a better prime minister: Him or Theresa May.

Corbyn slipped to just 13%, while May stormed ahead with 51%. The PM’s lead of 38% is the highest ever recorded by YouGov

The bad news for Labour was compounded by news that this was the first week that people who voted for the party were now more likely to pick May over their actual leader for best prime minister. 

May lead Corbyn by 38%

27% of people who voted for Labour at the last general election backed Corbyn as the best leader for the country, while May inched ahead with 29%.

The Conservatives are currently enjoying an 18 point lead over Labour nationally, sitting comfortably on 43%. 

Labour is trailing on 25%, with the Liberal Democrats at 11% and Ukip 10%.

The Conservatives lead Labour by 43 to 25

Corbyn attempted to undergo a ‘relaunch’ at the beginning of the year in a bid to revive his plunging poll ratings.

Labour MPs launching a leadership contest to unseat him last Summer, and Corbyn’s treatment in the media are the two reasons often used to explain the polling deficit.

He received 61.8% of the vote in the ballot versus challenger Owen Smith among the Labour ‘selectorate’.