19/05/2016 20:27 BST | Updated 19/05/2016 20:54 BST

When Joey Essex Met Jeremy Corbyn

'Towie' star and Labour leader chatted about getting young people to vote in the EU referendum


Joey Essex has met Jeremy Corbyn to discuss young people voting in the EU referendum.

The pair spoke at a rally the Labour leader was speaking at in Bristol as part of a film the 'Towie' star is making on the June 23 vote.

Today's encounter was recorded on social media, notably via the MP's Snap Chat ...

Snap Chat

... and Twitter

The Bristol Post reported how their conversation included an explanation of who the leader of the Official Opposition to the Government is. 

Joey said: "I know politicians get quite a lot of abuse. Are you a politician?

Jeremy replied: "I work in that field."

The former TV favourite is filming an 'Educating Joey Essex' TV show on the vote, and is travelling around the county meeting people on both sides - including Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage.

The campaign to Remain in the European Union, backed by the Labour Party leader, fears that millions of under-25s have still not signed up to vote.

Polls suggest up to two-thirds of young people back the government’s position to remain in Europe - so could be vital in swing the vote for the 'In' campaign.

Joey Essex's programme will be shown a week ahead of the vote, it seems.