Jeremy Corbyn Rules Out Second EU Referendum On Brexit Deal

Jeremy Corbyn Rules Out Second EU Referendum
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Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out a Labour government holding a second referendum on the European Union.

The Labour leader was asked today whether he was considering backing a public vote on the Brexit deal negotiated with Brussels.

His refusal to answer fed speculation that Labour could include the pledge in its election manifesto.

However a spokesperson for the Labour leader later said the party would not back a second referendum on the final Brexit deal.

John McDonnell yesterday hinted Labour could support a second referendum when he told told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the deal should be “put to parliament and possibly the British people”.

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McDonnell who was in the audience for Corbyn’s campaign speech in London this morning, was repeatedly asked whether Labour would rule out a second referendum but refused to answer.

According to The Times, “senior party figures” in Labour had been pushing the party leadership to promise to hold a second referendum in an attempt to win the support of Remain voters.


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