Jeremy Hunt Tweeted About Nurses And It Didn't Go Down Well... With Actual Nurses

*Irony explosion*

Fresh from the revelation that Jeremy Hunt claimed 27p in expenses for a half-mile car journey, we've now been treated to another bout of 'unfortunance' from the health secretary.

Having recently been told off for playing with his phone during in important debate about cutting nurses' bursaries, Hunt jumped on the #InternationalNursesDay hashtag to encourage others to "celebrate" NHS nurses.

Given the minister's prolonged dispute with junior doctors within the NHS and his axing of the student nurse bursary, his good wishes were not received particularly well.

The government is pressing ahead with plans to strip new healthcare students of an NHS bursary.

In April, the National Union of Students (NUS) said the change from a bursary, which doesn’t need to be paid back, to a loan, which does, will affect equal opportunities.

The decision to end the NHS bursary programme for healthcare students was announced by Chancellor George Osborne in December.

The Department for Health says that currently two-thirds of those applying to become a nurse aren’t accepted for training.

It says the change from bursaries to loans will fund up to 10,000 additional places.

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