Kate Garraway And Dominic Raab Clash During Tense Good Morning Britain Interview

Things got off to a rocky start when the foreign secretary accused Kate of having a "cynical" approach.

Kate Garraway and Dominic Raab found themselves in the middle of a heated exchange during a discussion on Good Morning Britain.

During Monday’s live show, Kate interviewed the foreign secretary about his plea for a ceasefire in warring countries, in order to allow more people to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

However, she suggested viewers might feel there were more pressing issues they could be discussing, branding the situation in the UK “shambolic”.

“I think it’s rather cynical what you have suggested, I don’t think it’s fair at all,” he told the host. “This debate has been set well in advance.”

She then hit back: “Hang on, I wasn’t saying anything cynical... we were told you wanted to talk about that this morning, and it’s an important thing to talk about.

“But I am just thinking, everybody watching at home will be asking, ‘Why does he want to talk about that? When we have got this chaos at home?’. And it’s my job to put their thoughts to you.”

Raab then insisted he was happy to talk about both issues, but reiterated his belief that Kate’s approach had been “cynical”.

Dominic Raab and Kate Garraway
Dominic Raab and Kate Garraway

Things didn’t get any less tense as the interview went on, with Raab discussing how “enforcement is difficult in a country where we don’t have the control over the law enforcement authorities”.

“I’m talking about [the UK],” Kate interjected. “Where we do have control.”

“Can you let me answer the question?” Raab then said, to which Kate responded: “Yes, but you’re saying things I haven’t said so I’ve got to clarify otherwise you’re not going to have a chance to answer the question, if you haven’t understood it.”

A rattled Raab then responded: “Well, why don’t you pause and let me explain, it and then you can pick holes in afterwards?

“I think people get fed up with the media not allowing us to try and give at least honest answers, even if you don’t accept them.”

Kate later clarified: “The question I’m trying to ask is about policing. If I’m someone that’s declared that I’ve come from [another] country and I’ve been honest, I’ve taken the fact I’ve got to pay… and go into quarantine, I’m going to feel pretty bitter if the idea – that you argue is a good one, to have this system – isn’t enforced.

“We’ve seen all the way through [the pandemic] good ideas from the government… not being enforced. So if you’ve put something into place like this, how can people be sure that you’re enforcing it and making it happen? Where are the numbers? Where’s the money for the numbers? Where’s the support for that?”

After co-host Ben Shephard wrapped things up, Kate suggested she still hadn’t received an answer to her question from Raab.

“I’m not sure,” Ben responded.

“I don’t know whether we did,” Kate added, urging viewers to get in touch if they felt her question hadn’t been answered sufficiently.

Last week, Kate made headlines when she interviewed health secretary Matt Hancock for the first time since her husband, Derek Draper, was hospitalised due to coronavirus.

Good Morning Britain airs every weekday from 6am on ITV.