Katie Price's Son Harvey Gets Dream Offer From BBC After Moving Train Scenes In Documentary

The 19-year-old shared his love of trains during a documentary featuring him and his mum last year.

Harvey Price has been offered his own BBC series about trains and cars, his mum Katie has revealed.

The former model and her eldest son featured in a one-off documentary for the broadcaster earlier this year, which followed him as he celebrated his 18th birthday and searched for a residential college where he can live.

Harvey – who is partially blind and has Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and other learning and behavioural difficulties – has now been offered further projects following the success of Katie Price: Harvey And Me.

Katie told Community Living that there would be a second part of the documentary, which would show train enthusiast Harvey taking up National Rail’s offer to record announcements for them, as well as a spin-off series.

Katie and Harvey at a train station in Harvey And Me
Katie and Harvey at a train station in Harvey And Me
BBC/Minnow Films

She said: “The BBC loved it so much. They actually didn’t realise how well it would do. So we are going to do a part two with him doing the train announcements, getting ready for college, his first day at college, all of that. And also the ins and outs about the funding.

“And then, on the back of it, the BBC have offered Harvey and his friend Zac an eight-part series on trains and automobiles. There will be some gorgeous trains like the Bluebell Railway.”

Katie continued: “I am not interested in bloody trains. Me and Jeanette [Zac’s mum] will be sitting there having our tea and sandwiches saying ‘What are we bloody doing here on a train station?’. But, as long as they are happy, that’s what matters.”

Train enthusiast Harvey also visited Waterloo station in Harvey And Me
Train enthusiast Harvey also visited Waterloo station in Harvey And Me

She later added on her Instagram Stories: “I’m so proud of @officialmrharveyprice who would ever thought. I’m not interested in trains but Harvey loves them so I have to go along.”

In one of Harvey And Me’s most memorable scenes, Katie was seen taking her son to a local station, where he was seen photographing passing trains on his iPad.

He was also seen impersonating a train announcer, saying: “May I have your attention please? This train is formed of 12 coaches. Platform four for the 11.34 South Western Railway service to Guildford.”

The moments led to National Rail offering to arrange for Harvey to make an announcement at one of their stations.

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