Boy Takes His English Assignment A Little Too Literally

'There’s nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box.'

A dad couldn’t help but laugh when he spotted the brilliantly logical approach his son had taken to an English assignment.

Reddit user makenzie71 shared the photo of his eight-year-old son’s schoolwork below with the caption: “My son is one [of] ‘those’ kids.”

The task involved writing words in alphabetical order and his son had indeed focused on ordering things alphabetically.


The dad explained that his son is homeschooled and his wife had been the “teacher” for this particular assignment.

The boy had turned to his dad for help to ask if he needed to list the letter ‘e’ twice in his alphabetical version of the word queen.

“He was pretty upset that we were laughing at it, but we told him [he wasn’t wrong],” the dad explained.

“’Reading’ and ‘comprehension’ aren’t exactly the same thing and he followed a logical (to an 8-year-old) interpretation of the instructions.

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