31/05/2018 11:42 BST | Updated 31/05/2018 11:49 BST

Kim Kardashian And Donald Trump Meet To Discuss Prison Reform And Sentencing

Kim was inspired by the story of 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson.

Donald Trump has shared a photo with Kim Kardashian, taken in the Oval office, following their meeting on Wednesday.

The two met to discuss prison reform, a cause close to Kim’s heart ever since she first became aware of Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother currently serving a life sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offence.

After their meeting, which coincided with Johnson’s birthday, Trump posted a photo of himself and Kim on his Twitter page, showing himself grinning next to a decidedly more stern-looking Kim.

Kim also posted a string of tweets about the meeting, thanking Trump for his time and suggesting that Johnson could receive “clemency” in the near future.

She wrote: “We are optimistic about Ms. Johnson’s future and hopeful that she —and so many like her—will get a second chance at life.”

Johnson was sentenced to life in prison back in 1996 when she was convicted of being a “telephone mule”, passing messages between distributors and sellers of drugs (via BBC News).

While best known for her reality TV appearances, gossip about her personal life and dubious lollipop endorsements, Kim has repeatedly used her platform to discuss political issues, such as gun control, feminism and the Armenian genocide.

Although she publicly advocated for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US Presidential election, Kim’s husband, Kanye West, has voiced his support for Donald Trump on a number of occasions, most notably earlier this year when he posted a string of tweets expressing his admiration for the current POTUS (which wasn’t without its controversy).

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