Kinder Surprise Slammed For 'Sexist' Pink And Blue Packaging And Toys

The brand has responded to the complaints.

An advert for limited edition Kinder Surprise eggs in pink and blue wrappers has been criticised for being “sexist”.

The ad shows a blue-packaged Kinder egg that comes with a free ‘Hot Wheels’ car, and a pink egg with a ‘Hello Kitty’ toy.

A Ferrero spokesperson told HuffPost UK they did not label the limited edition toys as being for boys or girls, but people on Twitter weren’t happy the brand used the stereotypical blue and pink colours, which are commonly used to indicate gendered toys.


In a statement given to HuffPost UK, a Ferrero spokesperson said: “In the UK, Kinder Surprise eggs are available in different coloured designs for limited edition promotions because consumer feedback showed that parents found it helpful as a guide to the type of toys found inside.

“We don’t label them as being for boys or girls because we know children enjoy all types of toys.”

However, Jess Day from Let Toys Be Toys, a campaign challenging gender stereotypes in childhood, told HuffPost UK parents the coloured packaging is still an issue as pink and blue have taken on a “gendered meaning”.

“Kids and parents all know what these colours mean, and it’s nothing to do with informing shoppers about the content - after all, ‘Hot Wheels’ brand colours are red and yellow,” she said.

“Marketing by gender limits children’s chances to learn and have fun - why not offer them a choice without the labels and not tell them what girls and boys are meant to like?”

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