Kylie Minogue Finally Met The Hobbycraft Wimbledon Team IRL And It Was Too Wholesome For Words

"My excitement levels have just gone through the roof!"
Kylie Minogue meets the good folks from Hobbycraft Wimbledon
Kylie Minogue meets the good folks from Hobbycraft Wimbledon
Kiss FM

The mutual love-in between Kylie Minogue and the folks at Hobbycraft Wimbledon has been going on ever since the staff went viral for putting their own spin on the singer’s hit Padam Padam earlier this year.

In fact, before we go any further, let’s just remind ourselves of their stellar efforts, shall we?

Now, after months of spreading the love on social media and in interviews, the two parties’ paths have finally crossed thanks to Kiss FM.

On Thursday, Kylie paid a visit to the radio station to promote her recently-released album Tension, when presenter Harriet Rose brought up “the staff at Hobbycraft Wimbledon for dancing to [Padam Padam] on TikTok, which we love”.

“They smashed it!” Kylie enthused.

Harriet then surprised the Australian pop icon by introducing Andrew and Jacqui into the studio for an in-person meeting, with Kylie quick to throw her arms around the pair.

“My excitement levels have just gone through the roof,” the Spinning Around singer admitted, before questioning how the team “have time to do that” on top of their regular jobs.

“I was really worried, like, ‘oooh, they’ve lost a few sales’,” she joked.

Kylie later added: “You’ve really made my day – I’ve name-dropped you in various locations, and here you are in the flesh.”

And, of course, the interview ended with Kylie and her new pals trying out some Padam Padam choreo in person for the first time.

Following the success of their Padam Padam video – which Kylie reacted to on her own TikTok page – the Hobbycraft team then put their own spin on follow-up single Tension.

Watch that for yourself below:

Padam Padam and Tension are both taken from Kylie’s 16th studio album, also named Tension, which was released last week.

Its chart position will be unveiled on Friday evening, but earlier this week, the Official Charts Company revealed Kylie’s album was outselling the rest of the top 20 combined, beating competition from Doja Cat and Olivia Rodrigo.


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