Labour Rob Delaney Video Hits More Than 10 Million Views As Party Steps Up Digital Campaign

Majority of people who shared the NHS campaign video had never shared a Jeremy Corbyn post before.
Labour Party

A Labour campaign video featuring American comedian Rob Delaney has gained more than 10m views in just 48 hours.

The video, which sees Delaney speak about his experience of the NHS, had 4.6m views on Facebook and 5.6m on Twitter as of 10am on Monday. It had 146,000 shares and retweets and 462,000 likes.

Of the 99,000 people who shared the video on Facebook, 64,900 (65.6%) had never shared a post from Jeremy Corbyn before.

And 37,400 (37.8%) had never interacted in any way with the Labour leader’s page – sharing the video despite previously never having even “liked” a single Corbyn post.

Corbyn has more than 1.5m likes and followers on Facebook and 2.2m followers on Twitter.

The Delaney video was particularly popular with female voters, who made up 59% of viewers on Facebook.

A video released by Labour on Thursday, “Jeremy Corbyn’s 60 second challenge”, in which Corbyn ran through as many Labour policies as he could in 60 seconds, has gained 6m views.

Of the 67,600 people who shared that post on Facebook, 33,900 (50.1%) had never shared a Jeremy Corbyn post, and 19,900 (29.4%) had never previously interacted with the page in any way.

With three weeks of the campaign to go, an analysis by Bloomberg suggests Labour has manage to win far more viewers for its videos than the Conservatives.

The statistics show Labour has had 18.7m Facebook views and 31m Twitter views for its videos. Conservative videos, meanwhile, have had 10m Facebook views and 15.5m views on Twitter.

However, the Tories have managed to dominate news coverage on several occasions with their social media activity – including the row over the Tory press office’s decision to re-brand itself as “factcheckUK” for the duration of the ITV leaders debate.


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