20/02/2019 22:56 GMT

Brit Awards 2019: Little Mix Left Mortified As Jack Whitehall Brings Up Piers Morgan Feud And Jamaican Accent Video

He also managed to bring up Simon Cowell and Chris Hughes in the space of just a few minutes.

Little Mix were unable to mask their embarrassment during an awkward exchange with Jack Whitehall during this year’s Brit Awards, in which he brought up their recent beef with Piers Morgan and Jesy Nelson’s infamous Jamaican accent video.

Things started off well enough, with Jack confessing to the group that he’s a huge fan of theirs, but things then took a rather uncomfortable turn.

First off, he referenced having brought up the viral video of Jesy’s attempts at a Jamaican accent at last year’s ceremony, joking: “I’m under strict instruction not to mention it again. We’re just going to bring up your music and ting.”

Little Mix at the Brits, with Jack Whitehall

And then, as Little Mix tried to keep their composure, he went into their recent split from Simon Cowell’s record label.

“When you left Simon Cowell girls, it raised a few eyebrows,” Jack said. “Not his, obviously, he’s lost all movement in his eyebrows. Is there any bad blood, or are you still friends?”

Jesy insisted they were all “still pals”, to which Jack continued: “Someone you do have beef with though, and I don’t want to use these words on a family show, Piers Morgan.”

As Jack referenced Piers’ harsh comments about their Strip video, Little Mix essentially performed a group eye roll, while the comedian went on: “Jesy, what would you say to that dutty wasteman?”

Jesy then offered a simple appalled “Jack!” by way of response, with the comedian asking: “What?! I want some beef at the Brits!”

Jade Thirlwall and Jesy Nelson

It felt like things might finally be over when Jack said: “OK. This was awkward. I love Little Mix, though!”

He had one last dig, though, noting: “You girls have a wonderful time at the after party, night clubs, kebab shops or wherever you naughty Little Mixes get up to mischief.”

Last month, Jesy made headlines when she was seen snogging former Love Island star Chris Hughes in – you guessed it – a kebab shop.

As well as their awkward chat with Jack, Little Mix had a big year at the 2019 Brits, picking up their first ever Video Of The Year award for Woman Like Me and delivering one of the biggest performances of the night.

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