Lush Is Charging £40 For A 30-Minute Bath, Because The World Has Lost It

Would you pay for a “self-led bathing treatment"?

You can now take a good, old-fashioned bath courtesy of beauty brand Lush and it’ll only set you back ~ checks notes ~ £40. Yep, you read right.

The experience is described as a “self-led bathing treatment” – so, that’ll be a bath then – and it’s available for a limited time at Lush’s spa locations in Bath, London and Liverpool.

“Created with all the senses in mind, during the Book a Bath experience you will be paired with products tailored to your skin and a soundtrack to immerse you in your adventure in bathing,” the brand says. “Each experience includes a bath bomb, a fresh face mask and cooling eye pads.”

Perhaps the new treatment will appeal to those who don’t have space for a bath at home, or those whose baths bear a permanent grubby tide line thanks to filthy housemates.

But really, what does it say about housing in 2022 if forking out for a quick, 30-minute soak is the only appealing option?

Even with bills going up, a bath has to be one of the cheapest forms of self care out there. Add in some 99p bath salts if you’re feeling fancy.

Or you could recreate the experience yourself with a Lush bath bomb (prices start at £3), fresh face mask (from £10) and cooling eye pads (£3.50), for the princely sum of £16.50.

We’re guessing filling a tub with some hot water does not cost the remaining 23 quid. Whatever the maths, it’s not washing well with us.

Lush's boutique spa bathroom. Word to the wise: do try this at home.
Lush's boutique spa bathroom. Word to the wise: do try this at home.

If the idea of sitting naked in a random room, then getting public transport or siting in a traffic jam home sounds more stressful than relaxing to you, we’re right there with you.

But if home isn’t a peaceful environment right now and this sounds like the much-needed solution, woman, you do you.

Just remember, there are cheaper ways to get your self-care fix. And if you’ve only got a shower, here are smart solutions out there to help it feel like, ahem, a lush and relaxing bath.