Metro Newspaper Has Advert Taken Out By Laurence Taylor To Tackle 'Rubbish' Migration Debate

He's being hailed as a 'hero'.

If you're one of those fed up with the EU referendum then don't worry - you're not alone.

One frustrated voter has grown so tired of the debate, particularly concerning the rhetoric around migration, that he paid for a full-page ad in a national newspaper to promote one important statistic.

Laurence Taylor tried to counter the "rubbish being talked about immigration" by reminding the British public that 333,000 migrants enter their country each year - just 0.5% of the UK's total population.

<strong>The advert</strong>
The advert

He said whether readers voted either Leave or Remain was unimportant to him but that a decision should be made "based on facts not fear 😀".

It has been proven that the public repeatedly and dramatically overstate the number of migrants as a percentage of the population.

Taylor's ad, published on page 35 of Wednesday's Metro, included a further note that read:

"...Oh by the way, if we Leave and we want access to the single market (40% of our exports I think), then we have to accept free movement of people…

"We could always try to negotiate something different but how successful do you think that would be given that everyone else including Norway has to. OK I’ll stop there. Just getting my money’s worth."

Speaking after, Taylor said the reason he placed the ad was because he was "fed up with [politicians'] lies and scare stories" - naming David Cameron, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson as those he held culpable.

"Simple bit of division: 330k migrants = 0.5% of population," he told the Metro. "Money we send to the EU = 1% of our national budget."

"Suddenly it doesn’t seem so much of an issue. So why all the panic?"

His ad uses data from the think-tank MigrationWatch and Office of National Statistics.

It won plaudits from those on social media, including one user who hailed him as a "hero".


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