Michael Gove Launches Conservative Party Leadership Bid On Twitter, Gets Lots Of Negative Response

"Delete your account."

As the nation's politics is left in turmoil after the Brexit vote, all eyes are on the Conservative Party's leadership contest to see who will be the next prime minister when David Cameron steps down.

Michael Gove announced his intention to run on Thursday, effectively dashing any hopes Boris Johnson had of leading the party.

Gove joined Twitter on Friday morning to formally announce his candidacy.

As usual, the response was less than warm.

It didn't take long for people to reference THAT clip of him clapping like a weirdo.

Or his very public love life, courtesy of his columnist spouse Sarah Vine.

And obviously there's his appearance.

People really weren't being very nice to him.

But really, being a Conservative Party leadership contest, there's only one question that really matters in 2016.

Tweeters were quick to mention Gove's ties with Rupert Murdoch.

And just generally having a go at him.

And, of course, they referenced all the weird things he looks like.

Gove will now face off against Home Secretary Theresa May, Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom, Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb, and former Defence Secretary Liam Fox for the right to lead the party and, by default, the country.

A result is expected on 9 September.

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