Michael Gove Tweets About Favourite TV Show, Gets Completely Rinsed

'This is worse than anything you said before Brexit.'

Michael Gove has kept a low profile since his back-stabbing Brexit debacle and subsequent sacking as justice secretary, temporarily signing off from Twitter in July with this tweet.

Since then he appears to have mellowed and reappeared on social media to take a dog at Ed Balls’ current stint on Strictly Come Dancing and to praise his new boss.

Gove’s metamorphosis from staid MP to actual human being then took an unusual turn on Monday night when he expressed his love of BBC One comedy, Mrs Brown’s Boys.

His enthusiasm for the show does not appear to be widely held however.

Outside of the Twittersphere, the show, which features Brendan O’Carroll in drag as the main character, is undoubtedly popular with its Christmas Day episodes ranking as the most-watched in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

In 2013, 2014 and 2015 it won Best Comedy at the National Television Awards.

Critically, the show has been widely panned.

It’s been described as the “worst show ever made” and a programme “that makes you vaguely embarrassed to be Irish”.

Bernice Harrison of The Irish Times said: “The whole thing is entirely predicated on viewers finding a man dressed as a foul-mouthed elderly woman intrinsically funny.

“If you do, you’re away in a hack, and the viewing figures are astronomical, but if you don’t, and you think that died out with Les Dawson and Dick Emery, then it’s a long half-hour.”

It would appear Twitter users are generally firmly in the latter camp.

The tweet prompted many to speculate if Gove had actually been hacked.

Inevitably, this now-classic gif of Gove trying to clap made an appearance.

Here are some more for your enjoyment.

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