Michael Gove's New Brexit Job Has Prompted Some Brutal Jokes


Michael Gove is back!

The former justice secretary, last seen in a special Brexit production of Julius Caesar, has been given a prominent role in... Brexit negotiations.

The pro-Leave MP is one of ten Tories elected to the 21-strong Exiting the European Union Select Committee, which will have a wide remit to hold David Davis’ department to account.

In honour of the occasion, Adam Boulton today asked Gove if he was a “prize idiot”.

Response to the whole thing has been restrained, concise, subtle... oh who are we kidding, it’s been utterly brutal.

Here’s the top 11, starting with the nicest.

11) We begin with the traditional falling over gif.

10) This resigned offering.

9) The likeness is uncanny.

8) Another obligatory Gove gif.

7) This conspiracy which is almost definitely possibly true.

6) The Canary’s view.

5) The animal reference.

4) A glorious nod to the silver screen.

3) This rather epic cartoon.

2) The STD analogy.

1) So. Brutal.

He’s referring to this...



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