04/05/2017 15:16 BST | Updated 04/05/2017 15:16 BST

This Baby Name Is The Most Popular For Girls Born In 26 UK Cities

Surprise, surprise.

New statistics show UK parents have picked a clear favourite girls’ baby name in 2017.

Amelia is the most popular name given to girls born in 26 cities, while Jack and Oliver are joint first for boys born in 12 cities across the country.

The top names overall for the whole of the UK were Oliver for boys and Olivia for girls. While Muhammed and Lily came in second place.

Character Cottages

The data was gathered by Character Cottages using a combination of regional research from Bounty and national records from parenting site BabyCentre.

The director of Character Cottages, Andrew Soye, said: “Some of the most popular names appealed across the entire country while we also saw some names which were more localised to specific regions – often names that were traditional Gaelic or Welsh.”

Scroll down to see the full infographics with all the latest baby name updates.


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