08/06/2017 10:39 BST | Updated 08/06/2017 10:39 BST

Mum Gave Birth To 13 Pound Baby: 'It Looked Like They Pulled A Toddler Out My Belly'


A mum who gave birth to a baby weighing 13 pounds and 5 ounces has said she wasn’t prepared for having such a big baby.

Chrissy Corbitt, from Florida, US, gave birth to her fourth child Carleigh on 15 May 2017 via caesarean section.

“It looked they pulled a toddler out of my belly, she’s so big,” Corbitt told ABC News

“When the doctor was pulling her out of me I just started hearing them all laughing in the operating room.

“They were throwing out numbers and when they showed her to me and said 13.5 I couldn’t believe it.” 

Corbitt’s partner, Larry, added: “Her cheeks were so chunky and she was just so fat. She was so gorgeous, of course.”

To celebrate their new arrival, the couple had a photoshoot with photographer Debbye Benson from Sweet Smiles Photography Studio

“Introducing the newest addition to the Corbitt Family - baby Carleigh,” Benson wrote when sharing the photos of the newborn on Facebook.

“I’m so happy I was able to meet and hold this mini celebrity - she was such a perfect model during our session - so gorgeous and squishy.

“Her parents are so proud of her.”

Just look at her squishy face ❤️.