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Mum Gave Birth To Twins Two Weeks Apart After Going Into 'Active Labour' At 24 Weeks

'It was the most terrifying experience of my life.'

A woman gave birth to her twins two weeks apart after unexpectedly going into labour at 24 weeks.

LaTroya Woolridge from Texas, US, drove herself to hospital in January 2017 when she started to experience “excruciating” pains.

When she arrived, she was told she was in active labour and gave birth to her daughter, Amara, within “minutes”. Amara weighed one pound three ounces.

“It was the most terrifying experience of my life,” she told PEOPLE. “Initially, we were told that Amara’s heart tone could not be detected, so when I finally delivered her and saw her feet moving I was filled with joy.” 

Baby Amara was born at 24 weeks in January 2017. 

Because Woolridge was not far along in her pregnancy, she was told by the doctor they wanted to keep Amara’s brother, Arthur, “in-utero” for as long as they could to give him a better chance of survival. 

Woolridge was instructed to rest as much as possible.

Two weeks after Amara was born, the mum fell ill with a fever so doctors decided to deliver Arthur via caesarean section.  


Arthur weighed two pounds two ounces when he was born on 31 January. 

Woolridge said: “We are amazed at the miracle we have watched before our eyes.”

[H/T: People.]

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