14/11/2017 10:31 GMT

Mum's Brilliant Answer To Son Who Asked What Was Wrong With Her Belly After She Gave Birth To Twins

She posted the photo seven days after giving birth.

A mum shared the inspirational answer she gave her son when he asked what was wrong with her belly, seven days after she gave birth to twins. 

Hayley Garnett, from the US, shared a photo of herself baring her stomach while holding her newborn twin daughters on Instagram.

“This morning Archer asked me what’s wrong with my belly and I told him that all of my babies leave marks on my belly so I never forget for a second that I grew them in my body all on my own and that they exist Earth side with me now,” she wrote on 10 November. 

“A forever reminder, whether I’m truly confident having these marks or not, it’s no doubt a testament to the miracles my body has made.”

Commenting on the photo one mum wrote: “Thank you for this, I struggle to accept my body since giving birth but this made me smile.”

Another wrote: “I️ used to tell my son he was pretending to be a baby tiger when he was inside my belly and he was tickling me when he was in there.”

Speaking to HuffPost UK about why she shared the exchange with her son and photo online, Garnett said: “I share a lot of personal feelings through my Instagram page because I really believe that showing your vulnerability is not only a healing process, but also has the ability to really connect you with an individual and/or community in a way you may not have thought possible.

“I hoped that being open and honest about the marks that twin pregnancy gave me would give other mums the courage to actually accept themselves and maybe see their own marks in a different, more positive, light.”

Garnett’s post was also shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page and had more than 12,000 likes and hundreds of comments. 

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