14/06/2017 12:07 BST

Mum Teaches Six-Year-Old Son An Important Lesson In Apologising After He Upset Girl At School

Now that's how it should be done 🙌

A mum schooled her son on what you should do if you hurt someone’s feelings, by sending him to school with a bunch of flowers.

Zowiie Williams, from Northern Ireland, explained she was disappointed that her son, Callum, had upset a girl at school, after he followed the instructions of another boy who told him to say some upsetting things.

Williams wanted to teach her six-year-old that he needs to understand how words can make others feel upset.

“When your son hurts a girl’s feelings, it’s our job as parents to make him understand how saying things out of anger and upset can make others feel,” Williams wrote on Facebook on 7 June. 

Williams explained: “Yesterday I was very disappointed to find out [my son] had upset his special little lady due to another boy mate telling him what he should say and do.

“So much so that I felt the need to have quite a good talk with him.

“Today he is marching into school with flowers and an apology because I feel that we need to teach boys the importance of how they should react to certain situations.

“Callum now understands that what other people think or say should not sway him into acting like he doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. Especially a girl. His head was high and he apologised in front of his peers and handed over the flowers.

“It was a very proud moment for me as his mother.”

Williams posted a photo of her son on the way to school holding a bunch of flowers. Her Facebook post was shared nearly 5,000 times and had more than 13,000 likes in less than a week of being uploaded.

The mum told HuffPost UK her son was “very shocked” that the photo of him has been viewed by so many people.

“He told everyone he was on the news,” she said. “I was so happy that he went in and apologised in front of everyone. That’s what I wanted.

“I was disappointed that he had made [the girl] feel upset with everyone watching, so I felt it was only fair that he let all of them see him trying to make it better and apologising.”

Commenting on the photo on Facebook, one person wrote: “Well done you, you’re teaching the boy with a touch of class, and a super well done to your kid for following through with it in front of his peers.”

Another wrote: “Well done, if only more parents would teach their children this kind of behaviour.

“You’re an amazing mummy who is showing your son the right way to treat people.”

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