Mum Who Took Nine-Week-Old Travelling On Maternity Leave Heading Off Again When Second Baby Arrives

'I don’t have any doubt it’s what we want to do.'

A mum who took her nine-week-old daughter travelling around the world on maternity leave in 2015 will be doing the same again with her second child.

Karen Edwards, 32, who lives in Crystal Palace, said she and her husband Shaun are expecting a boy in June 2017 and will be jetting off a few months after he’s born.

The couple, who will also be travelling with Esmé, now two, feel much more confident this time around about travelling with little ones.

“I am feeling a lot more positive than when we went with Esmé,” Edwards told The Huffington Post UK.

“I don’t have any doubt it’s what we want to do.”

Edwards added: “When I had our first child, I started thinking our ideas were ludicrous, I felt out of my depth but was much better once the trip started.

“Having experienced two and a half years of bringing Esmé to 20 countries, we are absolutely holding out for that lifestyle again.”

Edwards is a nurse in central London and her husband, aka ‘Travel Mad Dad’, works as a landscaper so finds it easy to pick up work when he returns from travelling.

“Obviously everything hangs on if the baby will be healthy and well,” the mum continued.

“If we have no problems, our second priority after the kids will be getting our house rented out so we are not paying out major London prices.

“We will need every penny.”

She said they plan to head west this time, starting off in either Canada or Alaska.

“Let’s see where we end up but I imagine it will be as far south as possible whilst weaving through Central America,” Edwards added.

After Esmé was born, the couple travelled full-time for 10 months before returning home. They went to New Zealand, Singapore and through Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

They also managed to take a trip every month from June to October in 2016, with holidays ranging from weekend breaks to longer family getaways.

The family are often asked about how they fund their travelling lifestyle. Edwards said as a nurse, she’s entitled to a full year of maternity leave, where her pay declines over the year with the last three month unpaid.

Edward’s husband, who is currently working on renovating their house, is self-employed so has no ties and is able to leave whenever.

“With having the blog we may be lucky enough to get some sponsorships whilst we travel,” she added. “This will also help us financially.

“We will also be looking for some online work whilst we travel just to top up. I corrected essays for a university the last time.”

To follow Edwards on her adventures, visit her blog

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