19/05/2017 10:44 BST

Woman Allows Mumsnet Users To Make Final Decision On Baby Name With Simple Voting Process

'Just looking for votes please.'

Many expectant couples will know that daunting feeling of being unable to decide on a baby name for their new arrival.

So one mum decided to make the decision easier by giving the power to the parents of Mumsnet.

Mumsnet user Whatsinaname9 had whittled the choices down to two - her favourite baby name (Keira) and her husband’s (Annie).

“Which name, my partner’s favourite or mine?” she wrote on 14 May. “It will definitely be one of these two and we won’t be having a middle name.

“Spelling will be as written above and both sound equally good with our last name. Just looking for votes please. We both like each other’s choice and would be happy with either but just struggling to call it.”

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Sure enough, more than 100 Mumsnet users commented on the post with their vote.

Some just wrote their choice, while others made it very clear which one they preferred (”Annie, Keira is awful!”). 

Others were more polite, with one writing: “They’re both lovely but if I had to choose I’d choose Annie.”

And some even tried to combine them - “KeiraAnne” or Annie with Keira as a middle name.

But either way, there was one clear winner in the vote: Annie.

The original poster went back on the forum a day later to count the votes, and confirmed she’d be calling her daughter Annie. 


“Annie - 59 votes, Keira - 21 votes,” the mum wrote. “I won’t lie, I’m a little gutted as I’ve loved the name for years and had envisaged myself using it.

“But I love the name Annie too. Husband is delighted he has won.”

So what do you think? Would you let parents on the internet help you decide on your baby name? Thoughts below, please!

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