Doctor Who Fans Moved To Tears As Ncuti Gatwa Appears In Revamped Edit Of Classic Scene

"Admit it you shed a tear and yelled aloud simultaneously when Ncuti appeared..."
Ncuti Gatwa in An Adventure In Space And Time
Ncuti Gatwa in An Adventure In Space And Time

As we edge ever closer to a new era of Doctor Who, more and more easter eggs, teases and sneak peeks are being revealed.

These have so far included a first-look clip of Miriam Margolyes’ adorable new character Beep The Meep, an intriguing poster hinting at a returning character and even Ncuti Gatwa (the upcoming FIfteenth Doctor) letting slip that he’d shot a scene alongside a true legend of the franchise.

That last part has now been realised, after a reworked version of An Adventure In Space And Time, a docudrama created a decade ago for the show’s 50th anniversary, began streaming.

In the original ending to the special, which depicts a dramatised version of events surrounding Doctor Who’s creation, OG Time Lord William Hartnell (played in the show by David Bradley) was seen looking up to be greeted by Matt Smith (who was then still playing The Doctor) smiling back at him.

However, in this new version, Ncuti has taken Matt’s place – and Whovians across the internet were moved to tears with the new scene.

OH MY GOD. WE GOT THIS SCENE WITH NCUTI GATWA,” one wrote, while another added: “Admit it you shed a tear and yelled aloud simultaneously when Ncuti appeared.”

A third fan posted both scenes together, and called the idea a “genius and beautiful way to mark 60 years” of Doctor Who.

“Not ashamed to say I cried buckets,” another viewer commented, writing: “Russell T Davies and the BBC are playing a complete blinder”.

And, for anyone sad about Matt being replaced in the scene, one Whovian has provided the perfect response, straight from the lexicon of David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor:

Others have further appreciated the update as a “perfect” way to update important aspects of the show’s history.

And, needless to say a good portion of reactions have been devoted solely to Ncuti’s wink at the end of the sequence.

Ncuti will begin his tenure as the Fifteenth Doctor with new companion Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) for the 14th series of Doctor Who on Christmas Day.

Before that, though, three 60th anniversary specials will see the return of some fan favourite characters, as well as new additions to the Whoniverse.

David Tennant will be back in action as the Fourteenth Doctor alongside Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble. The specials will also star Yasmin Finney, Miriam Margolyes and Neil Patrick Harris, and air weekly from this weekend (25 November)

An Adventure in Space and Time is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. The Star Beast (Doctor Who’s first 60th anniversary special) airs at 6:30pm on Saturday 25th November on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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