Neil Morrissey Reflects On Amanda Holden Affair

The two actors became involved more than 20 years ago, when Amanda was still married to her first husband, Les Dennis.
Neil Morrissey
Neil Morrissey
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Neil Morrissey has shared a very candid take on his previous affair with Amanda Holden.

The Men Behaving Badly actor and Britain’s Got Talent judge became romantically involved in 2000, at a time while Amanda was married to Family Fortunes’ host Les Dennis, whom she eventually divorced three years later.

Last week, Neil made a guest appearance on the Restless Natives podcast, hosted by Line Of Duty star Martin Compston and broadcaster Gordon Smart.

When the hosts asked Neil if there were any mottos he lives by, he said: “Don’t piss into the wind because you’ll always get your own back.”

“Don’t fuck a game-show host’s wife,” he then added, causing the hosts to burst out laughing, before concluding: “A gentleman’s socks should always match his shoes.”

Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden
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This isn’t the first time Neil has referenced the affair while asked for his go-to advice, though.

In 2014, he appeared on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, and when asked for any words of wisdom he would give other actors, Neil said simply: “Don’t fuck a game show host’s wife.”

During the same Life Stories interview, Neil was asked if he had ever apologised to Les, to which the Bob The Builder voice actor admitted: “No, I didn’t. I’m not positive of what there is to apologise for. I don’t know what the whole situation was, to be perfectly fair to everybody.

“I feel sorry for how the situation was dealt with and I feel sorry for how emotional Les seemed to get then after that. It was very difficult for him and for that I’m very sorry.”

Les Dennis
Les Dennis
Dave Benett via Getty Images

Earlier this year, Les insisted he has forgiven his ex-wife over the way things played out during their marriage.

Speaking to The Times, he explained: “I can watch Britain’s Got Talent without getting angry. To be honest it’s like watching a different person, someone I’ve never met.”

“All the hurt that has happened has been healed,” Les added.

Amanda previously told the Daily Mail: “Les proved to be my saviour. Ironically. So the person I’d hurt the most in the world was the one who was there for me.”

The former Cutting It star married her second husband Chris Hughes in 2008 and the couple have two daughters, 17-year-old Lexi and 11-year-old Hollie.

In 2009, Les tied the knot with Claire Nicholson, and the couple now have a 15-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son. He also has a 43-year-old son from his first marriage.


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