11 Top Picks Of The New Films And TV Shows Streaming On Netflix In April 2024

Besides Scoop and Ripley, there's plenty to get excited about in the coming weeks.
A selection of new shows and films coming to Netflix in the next few weeks
A selection of new shows and films coming to Netflix in the next few weeks

A new month means a whole load of new films, TV shows, documentaries and more to sink our teeth into over on Netflix.

In the coming weeks, the streaming service will be treating us to big-budget sci-fi, intriguing gritty dramas, slick and star-studded miniseries and what’s sure to be one of the year’s most talked-about original films.

Intrigued? Well, here are 11 of our top picks to stream on Netflix in April 2024…

Files Of The Unexplained (3 April)

Tell me more: One for fans of shows like Unsolved Mysteries, each episode of this new original docuseries dives into a different strange, suspicious or supernatural incident.

Netflix says: “Eerie encounters, bizarre disappearances, haunting events and more perplexing phenomena are explored in this chilling investigative docuseries.”

Ripley (4 April)

Tell me more: Andrew Scott takes the lead in this hotly-anticipated and hightly-stylised miniseries about conman Tom Ripley and his life in 1960s New York.

Netflix says: “A grifter is drawn into a world of wealth and privilege after taking a unique job in Italy. But to seize the life he wants, he must build a web of lies.”

Scoop (5 April)

Tell me more: Undoubtedly one of Netflix’s most eagerly-awaited originals of this year (especially here in the UK), Scoop dives into the story behind Prince Andrew’s infamous 2019 interview on Newsnight, exploring both the events leading up to the jaw-dropping broadcast, as well as its aftermath.

Netflix says: “Inspired by real events, Scoop is the inside account of the tenacious journalism that landed an earth-shattering interview – Prince Andrew’s infamous BBC Newsnight appearance.

“From the tension of producer Sam McAlister’s high stakes negotiations with Buckingham Palace, all the way to Emily Maitlis’ jaw dropping, forensic showdown with the Prince, Scoop takes us inside the story, with the women who would stop at nothing to get it. To get an interview this big, you have to be bold.”

The Antisocial Network: Memes To Mayhem (5 April)

Tell me more: A new documentary, The Antisocial Network looks into the online culture that led to the rise of QAnon conspiracy theories and, eventually, the 6 January storming of the Capitol building following his defeat in the 2020 US election.

Netflix says:From the rise of QAnon to the 6 January riots, The Antisocial Network explains how a group of bored teenagers built an online community out of their shared loneliness but accidentally shattered consensus reality in the process.”

Baby Reindeer (11 April)

Tell me more: Inspired by unbelievable true events, this chilling miniseries focusses on a struggling comedian whose world is turned upside down when a woman begins stalking him.

Netflix says: When a struggling comedian shows one act of kindness to a vulnerable woman, it sparks a suffocating obsession which threatens to wreck both their lives.

“Based on the award-winning and hit Edinburgh Fringe one-man play, Baby Reindeer follows struggling comedian Donny Dunn’s warped relationship with his female stalker and the impact it has on him as he is ultimately forced to face a deeply buried trauma.”

Heartbreak High (11 April)

Tell me more: The second season of this Australian teen drama is almost upon us, diving into all of the salacious goings on at the fictional Hartley High.

Netflix says: “All our heroes are back for Term Two at the ‘lowest ranking school in the district’. But fresh hotties, a new sports teacher and a mystery assailant, throw any hopes for a peaceful term into disarray, while the race for school captain is seeing dirty tactics run rife through Hartley High.

“Yep... It’s Term 2 bitches, and it’s more chaotic than ever.”

Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp (12 April)

Tell me more: Following on from films like Detective Pikachu and Sonic The Hedgehog, Woody Woodpecker is the latest animated character to be catapulted into the real world in this family comedy.

Netflix says: “After getting kicked out of the forest, Woody thinks he’s found a forever home at Camp Woo Hoo — until an inspector threatens to shut down the camp.”

The Grimm Variations (17 April)

Tell me more: Whether you’re a fan of Japanese anime or just twisted fairytales, this reimagining of the classic Grimm children’s stories is a must-watch.

Netflix says: Once upon a time, brothers Jacob and Wilhelm collected fairy tales from across the land and made them into a book. They also had a much younger sister, the innocent and curious Charlotte, who they loved very much.

“One day, while the brothers were telling Charlotte a fairy tale like usual, they saw that she had a somewhat melancholy look on her face. She asked them, ‘Do you suppose they really lived happily ever after?’.

“The pages of Grimms’ Fairy Tales, written by Jacob and Wilhelm, are now presented from the unique perspective of Charlotte, who sees the stories quite differently from her brothers.”

Our Living World (17 April)

Tell me more: One for fans of a good nature documentary, this new documentary explores the link between the creatures great and small we share this planet with – and yes, that’s Cate Blanchett doing the narration.

Netflix says: “From the Emmy Award-winning team behind Our Great National Parks comes a revealing look at the secret network of connections that unites us all and sustains our planet’s most magical phenomenon: life itself.

“Narrated by Academy Award-winner Cate Blanchett, this docuseries spans the globe to showcase the extraordinary creatures and ecosystems, great and small, that work together to help restore and sustain Our Living World.”

Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver (19 April)

Tell me more: A quick glance at Letterboxd and Rotten Tomatoes suggests the first instalment of Justice League director Zack Snyder’s “space opera” Rebel Moon was a little on the divisive side. Still, for those who did enjoy the first instalment, part two looks to be just as action-packed.

Netflix says: “Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver continues the epic saga of Kora and the surviving warriors as they prepare to sacrifice everything, fighting alongside the brave people of Veldt, to defend a once peaceful village, a newfound homeland for those who have lost their own in the fight against the Motherworld.

“On the eve of their battle the warriors must face the truths of their own pasts, each revealing why they fight. As the full force of the Realm bears down on the burgeoning rebellion, unbreakable bonds are forged, heroes emerge, and legends are made.”

Fern Brady: Autistic Bikini Queen (22 April)

Tell me more: One of a handful of new comedy specials coming to Netflix in April, Autistic Bikini Queen sees Scottish comic Fern Brady putting her spin on all kinds of heavy themes in her own inimitable style.

Netflix says: Known for being totally unique and completely fearless, her caustic wit, exceptional writing and electric stagecraft have made Fern one of the UK’s hottest comedy stars. In this special, she’ll be tackling big issues such as death, shagging, marriage and ageing.

“In her typically honest and authentic way Fern is never scared to speak her mind. This show is the culmination of nearly two years of rumination.”


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