09/03/2017 10:41 GMT

Nick Robinson Accidentally Brands Philip Hammond 'Spreadshit Phil'

Fruedian slip?

Poor Nick Robinson suffered a very unfortunate slip of the tongue while discussing Philip Hammond on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

The presenter meant to use the Chancellor’s nickname “Spreadsheet Phil”.

But poor Robinson accidentally ended up saying “Spreadshit Phil” instead.


He quickly corrected himself but it was too late - the slip-up was noted by many listeners

All in all, the Chancellor hasn’t really had a great day of it, following his Budget speech.

The Sun branded Hammond the “spite van man” for his “raid on the self-employed”, while the Daily Mail gave his joke bonanza short shrift, declaring the Budget “no laughing matter”.

In his first Budget since taking over as Chancellor last July, Hammond announced National Insurance contributions for the self-employed would go up by 2% by April 2019.

The move breaks a Tory election pledge to not raise National Insurance contributions, something they previously warned would “cost jobs and hit hardworking taxpayers”.

It is set to raise £2billion for the Treasury.