Nigel Farage Asks If 'Today Is America's Brexit Day', Gets Reminded Of Historical Events

'We literally Brexited 250 years ago'.

Nigel Farage has asked if today is “Brexit Day” for Donald Trump’s presidential hopes as Americans go to the polls.

This refers to the prospect of Trump winning and pulling off a victory as shocking as the vote to leave the EU - something the Republican candidate himself has repeatedly encouraged.

But the Ukip leader was quickly reminded that America’s “British Exit” was in 1776, when the colonies declared their independence from Britain and went on to fight a war to kick the British out.

“We literally Brexited 250 years ago,” one tweeter told Farage.

Others just laughed at the prospect of a “Brexit Day” in light of the last four months of British politics.

Farage has steadily warmed to Trump. He initially said he would vote for him over Hillary Clinton “with a gun against my head” but has travelled to the US to speak alongside him to talk about Brexit in August.

<strong>Farage (left) with Trump (right) at a campaign rally in Mississippi </strong>
Farage (left) with Trump (right) at a campaign rally in Mississippi

As HuffPost has noted before, the comparisons with Brexit are overstated.

The polling in the UK more or less predicted Brexit while Trump has trailed Clinton in national polling in the US.

Here are five other reasons the two are different.


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