Nigel Farage Held Up A Sign On Twitter And People Had A Lot Of Fun With Photoshop

Schoolboy error.

Nigel Farage is waging a personal war against the BBC, despite the criticism the corporation faces for regularly featuring the ex-Ukip leader on its flagship politics shows and news programmes.

Undeterred by being ridiculed for posting a video on social media showing him walking up to Broadcasting House to deliver a letter of complaint, the MEP has now posted a picture on Twitter of him holding a sign emblazoned with the simple message: “I AM SICK OF THE BIASED BBC.”

For Photoshop-happy Twitter, this was manna from heaven.

It is the unwritten golden rule of social media: never hold signs, something that Farage should know after tweeting about Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.

And so, once more, it began.

A number of themes emerged: the counter-intuitive.

A reference to the ex-The Smiths frontman’s latter day lurch to the right.

The unlikely.

The unlikely #2.

Pretty decent jokes.

And the crude (though most of these are unprintable).

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