Nigel Farage Promises To Leave Britain If Brexit Goes Badly

Everyone is either furious or overjoyed.

Nigel Farage has promised to leave Britain if it turns out Brexit is a “disaster”.

The former Ukip leader was quizzed on Monday by an angry Remain-voting caller on his weekly LBC radio show.

‘Tony’ challenged him on what would happen if the country’s divorce from the EU turned out to be a catastrophe.

Nigel Farage could soon become an emigrant
Nigel Farage could soon become an emigrant
ADRIAN DENNIS via Getty Images

Farage was asked if he would apologise and quit politics if - “two or three years down the line” - expert forecasts of an “economic disaster” triggered by Brexit came true.

The MEP refused to do so, saying: “There isn’t much of a tradition here...”.

“I see hardly anyone resigning. I see hardly anyone apologising.

He added:

“If Brexit is a disaster I will go and live abroad. I will go and live somewhere else."”

- Nigel Farage

But Farage assured the caller that would never happen anyway as Brexit “isn’t going to be a disaster”.

“We’ve just managed to get ourselves on a lifeboat off the Titanic,” he added.

Reaction to the MEP’s hint he could emigrate was met with a mixed reaction of anger and relief by social media users.

It is not the first time Farage has suggested he could leave Britain after the country finally voted for Brexit, a cause he has been pursuing for over two decades.

“If I were rich I wouldn’t be living in the middle of New York - I’d be out in Maine, somewhere coastal,” he mused in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s election as US President, a feat Farage also campaigned for.



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